Solar energy

Green Action One distributes solar products using pay as you go model. Its target is to distribute 25,000 solar lights by end 2020. Through this model, households are able to pay for the product with a small cost in installments over an agreed period with the end-user.

Green Action One procures solar products and sells through farmer’s cooperatives, Teachers Development Centers, Clinics, and Village savings groups through its sales agents. Customers pay money directly to Green Action and get after-sales service.

Green Action One recruited sales agents who find customers in the community. Through our pay as you go technology customers pay directly to Green Action One through Mobile phone Money services.

Solar Home systems. Solar irrigation. Pico Solar 

Biogas energy

Green Action One conducts assessment and design different biogas systems for installations and operations to benefits the lives of people and reduce the use of forest resources.

Clean Cooking

Green Action One provide awareness on various clean cooking technologies for its adoption and increased benefits to individuals, the nation and the global.

Productive use of energy

Green Action One is committed to supporting the establishment of small scale businesses to ensure the quality of life of many underprivileged individuals is improved. It supports solar power entertainment unites, solar charging Businesses, Food processing solar businesses and many others.

Informal Training of Artisan in vocation hands-on technical skills informal

Green Action One works with artisans companies to train youths and provides opportunities for the youths to gain practical hands-on skill and lead dignified lives. We believe a well equip youth is a tool to drive the economic development of the nation.

We provide opportunities to youths in renewable energy and electrical systems installation and maintenance. We have programs for tailoring, carpentry and metal works to ensure youths are exposed to various skills for their economic stability.

In partnership with MK Cooling systems, a Malawian Artisan company is training youths in hands-on skills in areas of; Refrigeration, Electrical installation. Metalworks, Solar energy installation, Biogas energy, tailoring, and carpentry.

School enterprise challenge 

Green Action One is committed to supports schools to encourage students to develop entrepreneurial spirits so that as they graduate they can be champions of new business ventures in the country. This will help to reduce the unemployment challenges but also will create self-reliance among the youths in areas of economic development.

Research and Consulting

Product development, Market research, and technology transfer, and development. The enterprise through its programs conduct regular research to support the improvement and innovations so as to perfect its operations and disseminate the results to support other research works.