Christopher, Green Action Officer to the left on the picture with happy people holding their pay as you go solar products.

Through an already established community structure, Green Action One managed to procure solar products and sell through farmer’s cooperatives, Teachers Development Centers, clinics, and Village savings groups through its sales agents. Regardless that it has not managed to meet the three months target but it has managed to distribute products it managed to procure while waiting for other people to finish their payments.

A community woman owning her solar products


Health officers will be able to work effectively even at night. Life in rural communities will not be very hard in terms of light energy which could be a driving factor to make them move to urban areas.

Households with solar lights have long family hours at night which brings unity. It also enables children in the family to use solar for night studies and improve their academic performance.

Looking at the overwhelming demand, Sunny Money has also pledged to support Green Action One in continuing work of distributing solar systems to rural masses.

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